2022 Continental Cup

The Cardiff Devils hosted Zemgale Jelgava of Latvia, Acroni Jesenice of Slovenia, and the Angers Ducs of France in the Continental Cup between the 18th to 20th November 2022.

Six Game Weekend Pass

You can order on-demand viewing of all six games with the Continental Cup 2022 Cardiff Stream Package.

Each of the fixtures is available to order individually at a reduced rate:

Game 1 - Zemgale Jelgava (LAT)  v  Acroni Jesenice (SLO)
Game 2 - Cardiff Devils (GBR)  v  Angers Ducs (FRA)
Game 3 - Zemgale Jelgava (LAT)  v  Angers Ducs (FRA)
Game 4 - Acroni Jesenice (SLO)  v  Cardiff Devils (GBR)
Game 5 - Angers Ducs (FRA)  v  Acroni Jesenice (SLO)
Game 6 - Cardiff Devils (GBR)  v  Zemgale Jelgava (LAT)

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